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Trails for Titans is a family owned and operated enterprise. A TFT event is a chance to be the change you want to make in the world as you become part of a solution to aid those in need. When you accept this challenge for self accomplishment through fitness and endurance, essential funds are raised for individuals, families and community organizations that are helping others.

Adults challenge themselves on our 4+ mile muddy trail and children test their mettle on our Titan Kids Course. Some events feature live video streaming as participants tackle some of our toughest obstacles. On all event days, there is great music, healthy food, Titan merchandise, and ecology-focused vendors on the festival grounds.

Whether you come to run, volunteer, or spectate, you will enjoy a day-long fantastic fun event, where your presence will inspire others to take the challenge of changing lives.

So, register now and make the difference when you meet us on the Titan Trails. And register your kids, ages 5 -13, by clicking here.

About Trails for Titans founder, Nick Rapini

Nick RapiniDriven by his own transformation, Nick is on a mission to inspire others toward a life changing opportunity through fitness and contribution.

This aspiration led to the Trails for Titans endurance race, challenging participants to complete an obstacle course over rugged terrain while their friends and loved ones spend a day in a festive environment.

However, Nick is on another mission as well.

Trails for Titans is structured to drive funds to charitable organizations, and individuals in need, through our events and social networks.

The recipients of the donations we raise together are confronted with overwhelming obstacles each day, an encounter Nick is all too familiar with. His 6 year old nephew, Cole, passed away with a rare brain disorder. Cole’s medical expenses exceeded one half million dollars in the first year of his life.

Nick knows how crucial financial assistance can be for families that are overwhelmed by medical expenses like Cole's.

Everyone who participates in a TFT event is reaching out to those in need with their registration dollars and donations.

You can reach out further by sharing the donations link on our website, trailsfortitans.com, with your families, friends, and associates.

Thank you for visiting Trails for Titans!

Please Register Now to participate, or simply donate by clicking here, and meet the Challenge Of Changing Lives.

Cofounder, Mark Rapini

Mark RapiniMark grew up in the Restaurant business. He earned a degree in Social Behavior from the University of Hard Knocks long before attending college. He is a formally trained artist and studied at Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT, and MECA, Portland, ME.

Mark has managed several businesses including his own in Southern Vt for 20 yrs., from 1984 until 2004, when he retired from the music business to go back into his studio and chisel marble figures. He now spends his time sculpting Titan Trails, riddled with obstacles, in rugged terrain, sharing his son Nick’s vision to help those in need.

Youth Activity Director, Mona Rapini

Mark’s wife, Mona, earned a degree in Accounting while studying in Vermont. Mona is a certified Para Educator in the New Hampshire school system. She is an assistant Kindergarten teacher and has worked with special needs children for the past 12 years.

TFT Project Coordinator, Hanna Rapini, on the Titan Trails

Hanna RapiniHanna is a spiritual force behind Trails for Titans. She was a formative speaker at the first Rare Disease Caucus in Washington, DC to promote legislation that will improve the lives of people with rare diseases. Watch Hanna's video.

Hanna is anxious to work alongside representatives from the Charitable Organizations we support at our Events.

You can contact Hanna by sending an email to hanna@trailsfortitans.com

TFT Event Manager, Dave Morin

Dave MorinDave has a Bachelor of Science degree and seven years of professional experience with brand management, event management, monetary and product sponsorship, and promotions.

He is also the USA Sales and Events Manager for BAGJUMP Action Sports and the MC at Trails for Titans events.

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