Got a question? It may have been asked before. Please check for your answers here, on our Frequently Asked Questions page, before contacting us. Thank you!

This is important and we cannot stress this enough: You MUST bring a Photo I.D. to your event.

Charitable Donations:

What charities does Titans raise money for?

TFT raises funds to advance medical knowledge about existing diseases, especially underfunded conditions like Epilepsy. We are particularly concerned about children with mysterious undiagnosed conditions where little or no funding is available.

Your contribution is essential to our mission, so please visit our donations page and share the link in your confirmation e-mail with friends and family who may also wish to contribute.

If you are a participant or a spectator you can register here and donate.

How much does Titans give to charities?

It depends on each event’s expense budget. We dedicate a percentage of our net revenues to the charitable organization represented at each TFT event, and if possible, we will match other funds raised through the donations of participants and spectators. Also, 100% of the fees collected from participants at our Titan Kids Course is donated, along with the funds we raise through our various other social and media networks.

How can I raise money for the charities represented at Titan events?

Donations can be made online on behalf of individuals or their teams. Registered individuals and teams will receive a donation link in the confirmation e-mail that can be shared with families & friends who wish to donate, in effect, sponsoring their participation. Prizes will be awarded to the individual and team that raise the most donations in their name through their families & friends. Be sure your families & friends use the donations link that you’ve shared with them from your confirmation email to make contributions. That way, their donations will automatically be recognized on your behalf or that of your team.
Event Price & Discounts:

How much is my ticket to participate?

It depends on when you register, the earlier, the least expensive. Please click here to visit our registration page for further details on pricing.

Is the price per person the same as a team price?

Each individual registrant is charged the same price, whether you are part of a team or not. However, once the team has participated, a discount will be offered to those team members who have completed the course on the event day they registered for. For further details, click here to visit out registration page.

Can I combine discounts?

No, If you register using a discount code, there will be no additional team, military, or student discount. Only one discount is allowed per registration.

How can I get a discount if I’m a student?

Any discounts that we are offering, at this time, can be found by clicking here to visit our registration page. Otherwise, the lowest ticket price can be obtained through early registration.

Can I get a military discount?

Yes, there is a $10.00 military discount available when you present your military ID (or DD214) on the day of the event that will be credited to your method of payment. Unfortunately, this discount is not available for military spouses or their children.

Is there an insurance fee?

There is a mandatory $13.00 insurance fee with your registration.
How & When To Register:

Can I register with a phone call or e-mail?

No, you can only register to participate, spectate, or volunteer by visiting our registration page at TrailsForTitans.com or by clicking here to visit our registration page.

How can I pay?

Please click here to register and you can pay with a variety of accepted methods.

What is the registration deadline?

Tickets may be available up to the week prior to an event. We recommend that you register as early as possible for the best ticket price and to secure your place and wave time of choice at our event before it is sold out. You can find the percentage of tickets sold for the event of your choice on the events page at TrailsForTitans.com.

How can I check to see if I registered properly?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you register. If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, go to our registration page by clicking here (coming soon). Now click on the option to resend your confirmation email. You can now search for your name and registration info and resend the confirmation email that verifies you have registered and that we received your payment. Your payment takes 24-48 hours to process, after which time, you can check to see if your method of payment was charged. If you did not find your name when you searched for it, please contact customer service at www.active.com

I’m confused, where’s my confirmation email?

You can click on the option to resend your confirmation email at our registration page (coming soon). If you still don’t get it, contact customer service at www.active.com

Where do I find my confirmation code?

The confirmation code is printed on the receipt that we emailed after you registered. Be sure to check your spam folder for your confirmation email if you can’t find it.

I've lost my confirmation email, can I get another?

Yes, log on to myevents.active.com. Go to your account and click on your registrations and receipts under Event Registration. Now you can view all of your confirmation emails.

I’m not sure why I’m having problems registering. What should I do?

Try using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer for your internet browser, and be sure your browser is enabled for cookies if you are having problems during the process of registering.

To download the latest version of Google Chrome, click here.

To download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, click here.

Another quick fix, for minor issues, is to just refresh your browser and make sure that your browser is enabled for cookies.

Clearing your browser history is good idea too. Your internet browser may not be up to date with the latest version of your internet browser. Downloading the latest version will also improve your entire internet performance.

If you are still having technical trouble, please contact support@active.com or call 877-228-4881

Can I edit my registration information?

Our registration company does not have editing available at this time.

What do I get for my registration fee?

Your fee includes your bib, timing chip and entry to participate in a TFT 4.1 mile endurance race, and you will receive a TFT finish award medal upon completion.

You also receive an official TFT T-shirt and color coded wristband appropriate for the charity your event is representing.

Water will be available and you can refuel with a banana and nutrition bar.

And, you will have full access to the event festivities.

If your event is a craft beer event, then you’ll receive a Titan Nickel for one ice cold craft beer and a $5 Titan Coin redeemable for TFT merchandise on site, or at trailsfortitans.com with your coin code.

After the event, free photos will be sent to your e-mail account.

As a participant, where can I keep my valuables?

There will be a facility to store your baggage at the event.

Can I take a shower at the event?

Participants can opt for a good hose down by a volunteer at a designated area inside the event. Traditional showers will not be available. It’s a good idea to If bring a gallon of water with you to the event so you can rinse off without waiting in long lines.

How physically prepared do I need to be to participate?

TFT adventure races are designed to challenge your overall physical and mental endurance to overcome the obstacles you will encounter and complete the course. We strongly advise that you train before participating in your event. Please scroll down to GETTING PREPARED for further suggestions or click here to visit our Training page.
Registering Your Team:

Can I get a discount if I’m on a team?

A rebate will be issued to those team members who have completed the course on the event day they registered for. Click here (coming soon) to register as a team member, or to start a team.

Once you’ve completed the course with your team members, a rebate will be issued back to your method of payment within 4-6 weeks after the event you participated in. Each member must claim their rebate separately. You have 30 days after your event to claim your rebate by clicking the claim your rebate (coming soon) link on the events page. Note: if your method of payment is no longer valid, we will not be able to issue your team rebate.

Teams of 3-14 will receive a $5 rebate after completion of the race.

Teams of 15-29 will receive a $10 rebate after completion of the race.

Teams of 30 or greater will receive a $15 rebate after completion of the race.

If I registered as an individual, can I switch to a team?

Send an email to contact us on the registration page and include your race date, your name, and the name of the team you wish to join. We will switch your registration and send a new confirmation email. You cannot change to a different day than you already registered for as an individual and you cannot race in the same wave as the team if it is already full. In this case, correspond with your team captain and, if agreed upon, the team can be split into different waves.

Can I switch to a different wave time?

If you registered as an individual, you can switch to another wave that is not full already. You can do so on the registration page. A $10.00 fee will be charged to switch your wave time. No changes are allowed within 14 days of your event.

If you registered as a team member and there are no open slots left to run in the same wave as the rest of the team, the captain should divide the team into smaller groups running in different waves. There is no charge to move several members of a team to a different wave that has enough slots open. However, no changes are allowed within 14 days of your event.

How do I start or join an existing team?

Go to the registration page and choose Create or Join a Team tab and continue through the registration process.

How can I invite others to join my team?

You can manage your team and send invitations for others to join by logging onto your myevents.active.com account.

If several participants registered individually, can they still form a team?

Since you cannot cancel your registration or transfer it yourself, you will have to get a new participant to register and create a team. Then, contact us with an email list of those who wish to join the team and we will change your registration over to the team.

How many members make a team?

A team consists of three or more members.

Once registered, can the size of the team be changed?

You can add members to your team until the event is sold out.

What if I want to change the name of my team?

Your team captain can change it by going to team management on the registration page at active.com.

Do team members start together?

All teams that registered together start in the same wave provided there were enough slots open in their wave of choice. TFT cannot guarantee that team members who register late, or as individuals that switch to a team later, will have the same start time as their team members who registered in time for the wave of their choice.

Do all team members have to finish together?

No, that’s up to you, but what kind of a team effort would there be if the team didn’t finish together?

What happens if different teams have registered with the same name?

TFT cannot make decisions about team names. However, team captains can set a password for members to use when registering for their specific team. Duplicate names are not necessarily uncommon. We highly recommend that captains create a custom password to prevent registrants from joining the wrong team. Captains can set their password in team management at our registration page. If you lose your password, you can reset it in team management, as well, or contact your team captain directly.

I registered with a team and now the event is sold out. Can I still register more team members?

Sorry, once registration is closed for a particular event the maximum number of participants has been met. We cannot exceed the maximum number of registrants due to safety and insurance constraints.

Can I buy customized Titan t-shirts for my team?

Yes, make your team stand out by clicking here to reach our third party partner and place your order for customized shirts. All questions and issues should be directed to them.
More Registration Info:

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, participants must be 18 years of age on the day of the event in order to register.
Everyone is welcome to attend a TFT event, however, children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What is my Event Kit and when do I get it?

When you register, on location, the day of the event, you will receive your Event Kit. Please bring your signed waiver (available to print on our Event page) to the Event Kit pick-up station on the day of your event. This will help you avoid long lines. If you arrive two hours before your wave time, there should be plenty of time for you to register, get your Event Kit, and prepare for your race.

During two day events, you can pick up your Event Kit ONLY on the day of YOUR event UNLESS we post a location for a pre-event pick-up station where your Event Kit will be available for you to pick up before the race day.

At a pre-race pick-up station you will sign your race waivers and receive your bib, chip timer, and other items in your Event Kit. You can also purchase Titan merchandise at the station and share your endurance race and training strategies with fellow Titans. Sponsors may be on hand as well to distribute products or discount offers. You can also clear up any questions you may have in a more laid back setting than during the busy event day.

Each participant collects their Event Kit in person when they sign the physical injury waiver.

If there is a pre-event pick-up location you can avoid long lines on your event day. The pick-up location would be open from 2-7 pm.

Check your events race page to learn more as your race date nears.

Is my registration transferable to another person?

No, a TFT ticket is non-transferable and no refunds will be issued. The person who registers to participate or attend as a spectator is the only one who can use their TFT ticket and we cannot make exceptions.

Can I switch the day I registered to a different day?

Yes, you can switch to a future event if there is one scheduled on our events page, or a different event day on the weekend of your event, but only if the event or day hasn’t been sold out, because we cannot exceed the maximum number of participants that we expect to have on the day of an event. In the case of a transfer to a future event, there is a $30 transfer fee, plus the difference (if there is one) of the price you paid at the time you purchased your ticket, and the maximum price the event day may sell for. So, if you purchased your ticket early for $75 and the last minute registration price was $100, then your transfer cost would be the difference of $25, plus a $30 transfer fee, for a total transfer cost of $55. The deadline for transfers is 3 weeks prior to the event date. For example: if your event day was Saturday, February 23, 2013, then you would have until midnight on Saturday, February 02, 2013 (three weeks prior to your event day) to transfer to another day on the weekend of your event. If you transfer to future event that is scheduled on our events page, you have to transfer within 18 days of the event you’re already registered for. If you miss the deadline and do not transfer to a different event, your ticket will be non-refundable, non-transferable, and only valid for the event day you originally registered for. Please click here (coming soon) to visit our registration page where you can choose an appropriate transfer option.

How do I transfer my registration?

See the options in the previous question above.

I want to race Sunday, but only Saturday is open for registration.

We do not open Sunday registration until Saturday has enough registrants to justify another registration day. Please check the percentage sold icon to learn how close Saturday is to being sold out. The higher the percentage, the more likely Sunday will open up.

Each race has a Percent Sold icon in the upper right above the Registration button, so watch that and register soon before the race sells out.

How can I get a refund?

We do not issue refunds, full or partial, regardless of circumstances, as per company terms, conditions, & policy agreed upon by each participant during registration. Cancellations made 30 or more days before an event are eligible for a 70% credit toward the registration fee of a future TFT event. Cancellations made within 30 days (1-29 days) of an event are eligible for a 40% credit toward the registration fee of a future TFT event. Credit will be issued in an e-mail voucher.

Active military who cancel, due to deployment, are eligible for an 85% credit toward the registration fee of a future TFT event once they’ve shown documentation of deployment that conflicts with the day of their Titans event. This credit, for a future Titan event, will be issued in an e-mail voucher.

Can I get a refund if I’m injured and cannot participate?

It is impossible for us to assess your injury, and therefore, we do not issue refunds to registrants who cannot participate due to an injury. Your registration fee does permit your admission as a spectator on the day that you registered to participate, or you can receive a one-time 50% credit toward a future TFT event when it is scheduled on our events page. In order for the credit to be issued, we must be notified 12 or more days prior to the event you registered for. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a credit if you are injured within 1 to 11 days prior to an event due to registration logistics.

Is my ticket as a participant transferable to someone else?

No, a TFT ticket is non-transferable and no refunds will be issued. The person who registers to participate is the only one who can use their ticket.

Can I get a refund for merchandise purchased at a TFT event?

All sales of merchandise at a TFT event are final with no exceptions.
Starting & Finishing Times:

What time do events begin?

Depending on the event, the first wave usually starts between 8am and 9am and the last wave starts between 2pm and 3pm.

The Titans Kids Course opens at noon.

When do I start?

If you want to start in a particular wave, at a specific time of day, you must choose from the start times available on the day of the event you are registering for. Otherwise, you will be assigned a start time by TFT. The time you choose to start, or the time that we assign for you to start will be locked in to our scheduled start times for the event and cannot be changed. If you register to be on a team, only the team captain can choose the start time. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred start time, but we cannot guarantee your start time. Your start time will be confirmed in your registration PAK (Personal Accommodation Kit) e-mail. Start times will also be posted on the events page a week or so before an event.

We request that you show up 2 hours prior to the official start time you received in your TFT start time e-mail alert.

How many participants are in a wave?

Typically, each wave consists of 200 participants, so each start time will accommodate 200 individuals. The number of start groups depends on the number of hours an event is scheduled to run. If the event is scheduled for 6 hours, there will be 18 start times, or 18 waves of 200 leaving the starting gate every 20 minutes, a 7 hour event has 21 start times, or 21 waves of 200 leaving the starting gate every 20 minutes, and so forth. This is an example of how a race may be structured, and wave sizes and start times may vary between events. This information will be clearly stated on the registration page for each event.

How can my team start together in the same wave?

If all the members of a team wish to start together, captains are encouraged to register early for their event so there will be enough places available in the particular wave the team desires to run in. Remember, only 200 individuals can register for each wave. Late registration for a team may require that the team be divided to run in more than one wave.

Does TFT record my finish time?

Yes, each runner is timed individually through an electronic timing system and will likely be wearing a timing bracelet, and finish times will be posted on our website events page a.s.a.p.

Preliminary results will be posted shortly after the event.

Official results and winners names will be posted 10 – 14 days after the event.

What if I don’t agree with my finish time?

If your time is not posted or you believe it is incorrect, send an email to TFT customer service, with TIMING ISSUE in the subject, and include your name, bib / chip number, race date / location, and (if you know) the names of those who finished before and after you. Every possible effort will be made to identify and correct your time. We should be able to determine your time from those who completed the race before and after you.

Is there a time limit to finish the race?

You must complete the course by the designated completion time determined for each event, usually 3 hours. We encourage all participants to help one another complete the course and all of the obstacles. The completion time for your particular event will be listed in the registration PAK that you receive prior to your event.

How long should it take me to finish the course?

The average finish time is 90 minutes.

Will prizes be awarded for teams or individuals?

Yes! All participants who complete the course and all obstacles are eligible for prizes.

There will be prize $$$ awarded to the male and female participant with the best finish time.

Each male and female who finishes 2nd will receive an email credit voucher for free registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

Each male and female who finishes 3rd will receive an email credit voucher for 40% off their registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

The individual participant that raises the most money for the primary charity represented at their event will receive an email credit voucher for a free registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

Each member of the team with the best finish time, as determined by the sum of the fastest 3 participants from that team, will receive an email credit voucher for 30% off the registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

Each member of the team that finishes 2nd, as determined by the sum of the fastest 3 participants from that team, will receive an email credit voucher for 20% off the registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

Each member of the team with the most members will receive an email credit voucher for 10% off the registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

Each member of the team that raises the most money for the primary charity represented at their event will receive an email credit voucher for 10% off the registration to a future TFT event and an extra $5 Titan merchandise coin.

Winning individuals and winning teams will be featured on TFT facebook page and in post email notifications to everyone who attended their event.

Only those participants who complete the course and all of the obstacles are eligible for prizes.

Do I need my own insurance coverage if I’m injured?

When you register, there is a mandatory fee of $13.00 to cover the cost associated with insurance provided at a TFT event in case you are injured. Our insurance provider requires everyone to purchase accident insurance so you are adequately covered whether you have your own insurance or not. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, PARTICIPATION IN A TFT EVENT IS AT THE PARTICIPANTS SOLE RISK.

NOTE: Our coverage (participant accident insurance) should provide accidental medical benefits up to $100,000 per person for medical bills arising from an injury suffered while participating in a TFT event. In addition, it should provide $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit. Disability insurance (loss of income) need not be provided.

Do participants have to sign a waiver?

Yes, prior to admittance at a TFT event, participants and spectators must sign a waiver acknowledging exposure to various risks, including personal injury and death. We recommend that you arrive at the event 2 hours in advance so you have time to read and understand the waiver before you sign it on your event day. Click here to visit our registration page and review the waiver.

Can women participate?

Yes, there are more women than ever before on the Titan Trails and we look forward to their participation.

Can children participate?

Unfortunately, all participants must be 18 years or older due to legal and insurance constraints. We cannot make any exceptions and we cannot accept the signing of a parental waiver. Children 5 – 13 can tackle our Titan Kids Course obstacles.

What exactly are the age requirements to participate for a TFT event?

For legal and insurance purposes, you MUST be 18 years old on the day of the event to participate in TFT. There are no exceptions and parental consent will not suffice.
TFT Event Day:

What should I bring to a Titan event?

This is important and we cannot stress this enough:

You MUST bring a photo ID
You MUST bring a photo ID
You MUST bring a photo ID

It is important for you to bring a copy of your confirmation e-mail.

You need cash to buy food & beverages since credit cards may not be an option.

It’s a good idea to bring spare clothes, sneakers, and a towel.

You cannot bring alcohol, weapons, pets, or any promotional materials for other events to a TFT event.

All bags are subject to inspection and you will be escorted from the event by security if these rules are violated.

What should I wear to a Titan event?

Wear normal running shoes. Please do not wear cleats. They are worse on your feet and dangerous for your fellow participants. We cannot guarantee that the course will be free from sharp rocks, wood splinters, glass, nails, or any other sharp objects that may be in the landscape, so, please do not consider running barefoot.

Wear lightweight clothing that dries quickly. On a cold day, thick or heavy clothing will hold water, never dry, and make you colder.

Bring a couple of plastic bags for your wet muddy clothes and a change of clothes to wear after the race so you can enjoy the festivities. Or, you can ditch your old clothes and purchase some cool Titan gear at our merchandise tent.

If you prefer to wear gloves, we advise strong thick gloves to prevent splinters and rope burns. Keep in mind though, gloves will get soaked and are likely to stay that way.

If your event has a course where you will be swimming a short distance, you may want to bring a swim cap.

Will there be water, food and first aid available to participants?

Yes, there will be at least one water station and first aid personnel will be present throughout the course. The locations will be posted at the event or an event official can give you more information on your event day. We also provide drinking water at the finish line. We do not provide drinking water on the festival grounds. You can purchase beverages and bring your own non-glass bottles of water. However, coolers are not allowed.

When you complete the race, water, bananas, and energy snacks will be available to refuel the participants and there will be stations where participants can be hosed off after their race.

Are there medics on the course?

Yes, there will be a first aid station with medics on the course where you can have injuries from sprains to cuts treated. At the event area, a first aid station will be available for you to use after the race, as well.

Will Titans cancel an event due to inclement weather?

Weather conditions can add to the obstacles you are challenged to overcome. Events will not be cancelled due to weather unless the conditions have made the course unsafe or conditions hinder the ability of our safety & medical staff to assist participants.

If the weather is severe enough to force an event cancelation or so severe that we must shut down the obstacle course, partial credits may be issued, at TFT’s discretion, toward a future event.

If we do cancel an event, announcements will be made at our website and social networks. E-mails will go out as well.

Where should I go when I arrive at the event?

Go to the PARTICIPANTS tent near the entrance to the festival.

Sign your TFT Waiver and proceed to the BIB Wall.

Find your BIB number posted on the BIB Wall and write your BIB number on your signed Waiver.

Go to the REGISTRATION tent with your Waiver and your government-issued Photo ID in hand. If you are 21 or over, you will receive a color-coded wristband.

If you registered for the college or military rebate, you MUST bring your valid college or military ID or you will not receive your rebate (to be credited to your method of payment at a later date).

Get in the lane with the number sequence that matches your BIB number.

Pick up your Event Pack from one of our Titan volunteers. Inside your Event Pack, find your wristband and timing chip.

Loop the wristband through the timing chip and attach it to your wrist.

Go to the MARKING station where a Titan volunteer will write your number on your arms and forehead (optional).

Attach your BIB number to the FRONT of your shirt with the safety pins.

Drop your belongings, valuables, etc. at the BAG STATION for safe keeping. Please leave as much as possible in your car.

Enter the festival area and look for the START signs.

You are READY to RACE on the Titan Trails!!

What happens if I’m injured or become sick?

Paramedics and other emergency personnel will be stationed throughout the event, and there will be a First Aid Station located near the start and finish lines.

Can I find medical help on my own?

On your event day, event officials can tell you more about the locations of First Aid personnel and where they will be stationed throughout the event. And, there will be volunteers who will get help to you in case of an emergency.

Am I disqualified if I skip an obstacle?

It is reasonable to assume that you desire to complete the course to the best of your ability. If you are not on a team and cannot overcome an obstacle, and you are not offered a helping hand by fellow participants, there’s no shame in that. We have volunteers stationed throughout our course who may help you, and if that doesn’t work, then you must complete the penalty exercise. Of course, if you can complete the obstacle on your own your sense of achievement will be all the greater.

Remember, you’re here to have fun, regardless of your finish time. We expect you to be a team player whether you registered with a team or not. With this in mind, you may want to lend a hand to a fellow participant having trouble completing an obstacle.

In fairness to all participants, if you do not complete the course and all of the obstacles or penalty exercises, you will be disqualified, your time will not be posted, and you will not qualify for top finisher recognition, or receive your medal.

At what age can I become a volunteer?

You must be at least 17 years old to become a volunteer.

How do I register to be a volunteer?

Go to our registration page and fill out the Volunteer Registration Form. Then, 3 – 4 weeks in advance, a Volunteer Director will contact the number of volunteers needed for the TFT event that you registered for. For more info you can click here to visit out registration page.

Do I get free tickets for volunteering?

If you work a full Saturday shift, and there is a next day Sunday Event scheduled, you can race for free. Or, you can choose to receive an email voucher for 60% off the registration to a future TFT event. Click here to see all of the free stuff you always get for volunteering.

Why do I have to pay if I’m working as a volunteer?

Part of our mission is to support various charitable organizations by donating a portion of our revenues. By purchasing a ticket with a deep discount, you are making an even more substantial contribution than your time spent at our event. Because so many volunteers are needed, your presence at a TFT event plays a vital role in the success of our mission to help fund medical research. Your participation and contribution is deeply appreciated by TFT and all who receive our charitable funds.

How do I get my discount?

Once you have registered to volunteer at an event, and contacted by a TFT Volunteer Director, you will be assigned a shift for the position you wish to fill. Then, you have to show up on the day that you volunteered for, and sign in at the beginning of your shift. When your shift is over, you must sign out so the Volunteer Director can add you to the Volunteer database. A discount voucher will be issued to you by email. But, if you work a full shift on Saturday, you can race for free the next day if there is a next day Sunday Event scheduled.

What are my shift choices?

There are 2 six hour shifts. The first shift is 6am to 12pm and the second shift is 11:30am to 5:30pm. You can also work a full day and make $50 along with the other great stuff you'll receive.

How much do spectators pay?

From the time registration opens, until it ends, spectators pay $25 online at TrailsforTitans.com. At the event, spectators will pay $35 on site to enter the festival grounds.

What do Spectators get?

Here’s what you get:
Spectators have access to the festival grounds with live music, great food & beverage, interesting vendors, live video streaming (at certain events) of participants tackling some of our toughest obstacles, and there may be sponsor sample products. Titan Merchandise will be available on site. There will be Titan prize raffles and a photographer available to take your picture in front of the Wall of Titans. Also, your children can tackle the obstacles on the Titan Kids Course where 100% of your admission fee is donated to the charity represented at each event.

Can I buy spectator tickets for my friends?

Unfortunately, no, each spectator must fill out their own registration form online or on site the day of the event.

How do I register to be a spectator?

Please click here to visit our registration page and sign up as a spectator or volunteer.

Do spectators have to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone must sign a waiver acknowledging exposure to various risks, including personal injury or death, prior to admission into a TFT event. We recommend that you arrive at the event 2 hours in advance so you have time to read and understand the waiver before you sign it on your event day. Waivers are available for review in by clicking here to visit our registration page.

If I’m registered as a participant, can I spectate instead?

Yes, participants are allowed the same access to TFT festival grounds as a spectator and do not need a spectator ticket for their event day. Since you paid to participate, why not put your best foot forward and test your mettle on our course? Surely, you’re welcome to do one or the other or both. We encourage you to do both and enjoy the festivities for the day!

How do I know where to go as a spectator?

A TFT event is designed with clearly marked areas for spectators and participants.

Are spectators allowed on the course?

No, spectators will only have access to the festival grounds, but you will have great views of your participant friends and family tackling some of our obstacles. And some of our events feature live video streaming of our course on a big screen at the festival grounds.

Can anyone be a spectator?

Everyone is welcome to attend a TFT event. Children 10 or younger are admitted free and must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years or older. Anyone 11 years or older must purchase a spectator ticket in person at the event. Anyone 16 years or older must present some type of ID (driver’s license, student ID, etc.) when purchasing a ticket at a TFT event. Anyone 16 years or older, who purchased their ticket online, must present some type of ID (driver’s license, student ID, etc.) before entering the festival grounds as a spectator. Click here to register.

Can I give my spectator ticket to someone else to use as a spectator?

No, once a ticket is purchased, it is non-refundable and non-transferable. The person whose name appears on the ticket will be the only one allowed entry into the event or save $10.00 by registering on line.

What can I bring to the event if I’m a spectator?

You are allowed to bring purses/hand bags, strollers, and cameras.

You are not allowed to bring coolers, backpacks, outside food, alcohol, or pets of any kind into a TFT event. For more details, please click here to read the Rules.

Are children allowed into an event?

Yes, children 10 years or under accompanied by a parent or guardian are allowed in for free. All others pay admission.

Can I bring my friends and family?

Of course! Everyone is welcome as a spectator. For ticket information, click here and get registered.

Can I bring my dog?

For health and safety reasons, NO pets are allowed into a TFT event. Please leave your dog or any other pets at home.

Can I bring a video recorder and a camera?

Yes, of course.

Can I bring a skateboard, four-wheeler, bike, or anything like that?

No, nothing like that will be allowed at a TFT event.
Event Festivities:

When do the festivities begin?

Food and merchandise venders will be open about 30 minutes after the first wave. The band will begin playing about an hour after the first wave. Hours are subject to change due to inclement weather and state or local regulations.

Can I bring food or alcohol into the event?

No food or alcohol will be allowed into a Titans event. Food and beverage will be for sale on the festival grounds.

Will there be alcohol sold at the event festival?

Alcohol will be available for sale at most events. You can learn more at the events page. Event goers 21 or older with an appropriate photo ID can purchase alcohol when available.

Participants 21 or older will receive a token for one free beer upon completion of the course.


Is there an extra charge for the festival?

No. The event festivities are included in the registration fee for all spectators and participants.

Will there be food for sale?

Yes, plenty of good food will be for sale during the event. There will be vegetarian and gluten-free food & beverage available whenever possible but we cannot guarantee it.

Will TFT merchandise be available to buy?

Yes. Shirts and other TFT merchandise will be for sale at the festival.

Will the results of the event be posted online?

Yes, everyone who qualified by completing the course will have their finish results posted on our events page. Photos of the event will be posted there as well.
Getting Prepared For the Titan Trails:

Do I need to be in top physical shape to participate on the Titan Trails?

No, you can walk the trails and go around the obstacles, but you will have to climb some steep hills to get through the course. However, if you choose to participate in this manner, you will not qualify for any of our awards, including the TFT finish award medal that participants who complete the course will receive. There will be a penalty exercise you can perform to keep you qualified at each obstacle you cannot complete.

Remember, you’re not only here to have a good time, you’re here to change lives, including your own. We want you to succeed, helping yourself and others live the best life they can through fitness and achievement.

So, in order to meet the Titan challenge, we recommend that you be physically and mentally prepared. We highly recommend that you prepare at least several weeks in advance of your scheduled event.

There are countless numbers of work-out regimens and diets that you can follow.

Please take a look at our Training and Nutrition suggestions by clicking here or visit the homepage at trailsfortitans.com and follow the Training link.

Don’t be discouraged though, if you cannot complete some of our obstacles at your first event. Your participation alone establishes a new beginning for you to improve your stamina and endurance, and for those who receive our charitable funds.

Be sure to hydrate as much as possible the night prior to your race, and bring a camelback or water bottles if you feel the need for it.

So, click here to register, and be sure to visit our Training page to get prepared for changing lives.

Do I need to know how to swim?

We recommend that all participants at TFT events have basic swimming skills. You may have to tread water or swim a short distance of 30 feet or so, depending on the course, which varies according to each event’s terrain. If basic swimming skills are essential to complete an obstacle, and your ability is limited, we will provide you with a floatation device.

Can I see a video of the course or a course map?

There will be a basic course map with little detail posted on the events page. It is not possible for us to present a detailed course map since registration is open well in advance of our events and our engineers design the course in the weeks leading up to our events. There may also be changes in the terrain, modifications to the venue and regulations that may affect the final design of a course. And, we do not reveal the position of obstacles or other terrain details since the element of surprise is part of the mental challenge.

How dangerous is the course?

Our obstacle course can be intensely challenging. However, we strive to create an environment with obstacles that will not present the danger of serious injury or death.

What if I don’t want to complete an obstacle or I can’t do it?

Everyone is encouraged to help one another complete the obstacles. We believe you should Never Say I Can’t. However there is a penalty for each obstacle that you do not complete.

Is there a penalty for not completing an obstacle?

You must complete all obstacles in order to receive your finish medal. However, there may be obstacles you cannot complete and in that case there is a penalty of 15 push-ups followed by 15 jumping jacks. A lessor penalty may be imposed. You may then bypass the obstacle once the penalty is completed and avoid being disqualified. Disqualification means losing your medal and race time. Staff members will be present at each obstacle to insure there is no cheating. Remember, this is a timed race and your results will be posted, so it is only fair that everyone completes each obstacle or the penalty. You’re here to achieve, not to cop out.

Can I see examples of the obstacles?

Yes, you can see some of the obstacles we create on our obstacles (coming soon) page.
More About Trails:

What is Trails for Titans?

TFT adventure races are 4.1 mile muddy obstacle courses designed to test your overall stamina, your strength and mental endurance. Our events offer a fun opportunity where amidst the challenge, camaraderie, and achievement, your participation enables us to raise funds together for essential medical research.

How did TFT originate?

TFT was founded by the company’s owner Nicholas Rapini and his co-founder dad, Mark. Nick’s inspiration grew from a desire to raise funds for medical research, his own personal training and fitness goals, and endurance events where he has competed. Nick’s goal is to accommodate everyone who wishes to improve their lives through fitness and camaraderie, while giving to those in need.

What’s the difference between TFT and other muddy races?

Three elements separate us from the rest of the pack. Above and beyond providing you with a challenging and rewarding fun day, our goal is to raise substantial funds for those whose time may be running short. So, we dedicate a percentage of our revenues to the specific charity targeted at each of our events. We also drive donations through our various social and media networks, and the awareness raised by the on-site representatives of the charity at a particular event. Secondly, most other endurance races are 5K. Titan Trails is a 4.1 mile muddy challenge where you can literally go the extra mile running our course, and in helping others. Thirdly, our signature course presents a challenge like no other with unique and exciting new obstacles for you to conquer.

We also have a unique Titan Kids Course where 100% of your admission price is donated to the charity represented at each event!

TFT reserves the right to change or modify any of its venues or event details. TFT also reserves the right to change its policies and website content as necessary with no prior notice. These are the terms you agree to when registering for a TFT event or when using our website. Our website is updated often with the most current information. Please check our site regularly since your event information will be updated as your race date gets closer.
Directions, Parking, Lodging:

How do I get directions to an event?

Directions to all of our events are posted on the TFT events page.

Can Trails recommend lodging for the weekend of my event?

We recommend that you search and find your accommodations well in advance of the event you registered for since there will be several thousand people in attendance at each Titan event.

However, whenever possible, we will list any accommodations we know of on our events page.

Is there camping at a Titans event?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer camping at our events. Please check the surrounding area of your event for campgrounds. As we become aware of camping and other accommodations, we will post them on our events page.

Is transportation available to a Titans event?

You will have to arrange for your own transportation to an event. However, whenever possible, we will have shuttles going from the parking lot to the registration area. This information will be provided in your registration PAK that we send out 10-14 days prior to your event.

Am I guaranteed a parking space on the day of my event?

We calculate the number of cars we can accommodate for each event. Parking information, including where to park, will be in your registration PAK prior to an event.

Do I have to pay for parking?

For most events, the parking fee is $10 per standard size cars & trucks, and $5 for a motorcycle. Oversized vehicles will not be allowed to park at the event.

Can I park my Camper, RV, or Bus at a Titans event?

Only standard size cars, trucks, and vans will be allowed into the parking lots. Please be prepared to find alternative parking away from the event, and your own transportation, if you arrive in a Camper, Semi, Panel Truck, Bus, RV, oversize Van, or any vehicle larger than standard size.
Photo Info:

Where can I find photos from my race?

After the event weekend, the results and photos will be posted on our 2013 Race Results page.

Can participants have their photo taken on the course?

Yes, there will be an official TFT photographer on hand at a photo station halfway through the course and on the festival grounds.

Participating teams can have their picture taken in front of the Wall of Titans near the Start Line.

You will receive an email offer to purchase photos online sometime after your event.

Our official event photographer will be taking action shots of you on the TFT course. Be sure to pin your bib on the FRONT of your body so we can identify your photos.

Photos will be available on line for purchasing and viewing about 14 days after the event.
Post Race:

Do you want to become an official TFT sponsor?

Click here to learn more.

Do you want to host a TFT event?

Click here and let us know about your venue. Our events require many acres with hills and enormous parking areas. We are only interested in venues in the US and Canada at this time.

Do you want to build obstacles on a Titans course?

We are interested in team oriented contractors with carpentry skills. Click here to contact us.

By clicking here (coming soon) you can learn about our impact on the communities hosting our events, health & safety issues, charities we support, parking & traffic control, our environmental impact, and insurance.

Contact Customer Service by clicking here.

Please scan through our FAQs before contacting us. The answers to most frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQs.

Do you want to work for TFT?

We may be hiring. Find out more by clicking here.

Are you with the media?

If you are a journalist and want to cover an event through you participation, send an e-mail from your work address to peter@trailsfortitans.com

Does your band want to play at a TFT even?

Please send us a sound/video with a few tracks of your band at least two months before the advent you wish to perform at.

More questions?

Please send all other questions or comments to titantrails@comcast.net so your issue can be addressed.

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