Wednesday Cardio:

Complete the following 4 exercises.

1. Run up and down a hill or stairs 10 times

2. Box Jump:

Target muscles are the Calves, Glutes & Hamstrings, and Quadriceps

This is a great way to develop explosive leaping ability off both feet and a good addition to your cardiovascular workout.

You will need a stable box, chair, bench or other item between 12 and 36 inches high that is strong enough to hold your weight.

1. In an athletic stance, face the target you’ve chosen to jump onto.

2. Bend your knees into a squat and explode off both feet, making a soft landing on the edge of the target, bending your knees as you touch down on both feet simultaneously.

3. Pause and then spring off the target backwards landing back on the ground in a squatting position.
These 3 steps equal one repetition.

Note: You can vary your workout by using targets of different heights, however if your target is too high you may have difficulty landing in a balanced positon.

Start with 10 jumps and, over time, work your way up to three sets of 10 jumps and up to five sets of 30.

3. Suicides:

This is an agility training exercise with a focus on fast-twitch muscle fibers and explosive movements.
A basketball court is the ideal location for this workout, or see note below.

The exercise should be paced as follows:

1. On one end of a basketball court, standing behind the out of bounds line, sprint as fast as you can to the free throw line on your side of the court.

2. Touch the free throw line with your left hand, abruptly switch directions, and return to the out of bounds line, bending down and touching it with your right hand.

3. Sprint to the half court line, bend down and touch it with your left hand, switch directions and return to the out of bounds line, bending down and touching it with your right hand.

4. Run to the free throw line on the opposite side of the court, bend down and touch it with your left hand, return to and touch the out of bounds line with your right hand.

5. Finish by running to the opposite out of bounds line, touch the line, and return to your original starting point, again touching the line.

Complete steps 1 to 5 twice.

Note: On any other flat surface, you can use cones or other objects as markers, placing the first one for your starting point, the second 15 paces from your starting point, the third 10 paces farther, and the fourth,10 paces beyond the third. Complete steps 1 to 5 utilizing the distances of your markers.

4. Jog 3 miles:

Jogging properly will spare you injury. To do this, you need the proper shoes and the proper form. Buy your shoes in a store that can offer professional help with the right fit.

1. When you jog, your shoulders should be back and your arms relaxed with your hands cupped loosely. Allow your arms to swing naturally in rhythm with your elbows bent at your waist.

2. Keep your feet and knees facing forward using the heel-to-toe-technique as you jog, landing on the heel, rolling forward to the ball of the foot and then pushing off from the toes.

3. Breathe in a relaxed fashion through your mouth and nose keeping your body loose and fluid. Your style will develop the more you jog.

4. Keep your body at the same angle on a hill as you do on a flat ground. Your stride shortens as you jog uphill, so use your arm swing to increase your momentum.

5. Reduce the impact on your legs and joints by jogging on soft surfaces like grass and vary your terrain with alternate routes.

6. Walk a few hundred yards to warm up and cool down before and after you jog.

Note: Concentrate on an even stride to decrease the chance of injury.

Take care not to lean backward going down a hill.

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