Titan Training & Nutrition

Are you ready to TITAN UP for the Titan Trails?

Expect to be challenged to your limits on our Trails for Titans course. To conquer over 4 miles of rugged terrain riddled with obstacles, you should be prepared.

We highly recommend a full body strength and cardio workout in your daily routine, along with an appropriate diet.

The routines below are meant to assist in establishing your own daily regimen. You should see your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, particularly weight lifting.

Be sure to read the notes after each exercise instruction.

Necessary equipment is noted.

Do not expect to complete our suggested routine in the first week, or even the second. Take your time, working your way up from your present level of fitness.

Monday’s Training Circuit:

Tuesday Strength Training:

Wednesday Cardio:

Thursday Strength Training:

Friday Training Circuit:

Saturday Strength Training:

Sunday Strength Training: